Study in U.K.

Study in U.K.

Study in U.K. – Top destination for Study abroad

Studying in United Kingdom is a lifetime opportunity for any student. There is perhaps no other country in world which has actively shaped the present world, the language English itself is a testimony to this fact and a reason why English is spoken by most of the people globally. This also marks the vast influence of U.K. on world and hence getting education in United Kingdom is an opportunity and aspiration for students worldwide. U.K. is home to various cultures and traditions and houses some of the finest and top educational institutuons of the world. Every year, million of students from across the globe choose to leave their home and embark an unforgetable studying experience in United Kingdom. So, what are you waiting for?

Geographically, the United Kingdom comprises of England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. United Kingdom is an island in northwestern Europe. United Kingdom is surrounded by Atlantic Ocean, North Sea in the east and English Channel in the south and Celtic Sea to the southwest. England is the birthplace of great Shakespeare. London, the capital city is an important place in world and is influencial center of finance and culture globally. Also know as Britain, United Kingdom is a sovereign and democratic country. United Kingdom is sixth largest economy in the world. The United Kingdom is a member of the Commonwealth of Nations, the Council of Europe, the G7, the G20, NATO, the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), Interpol and the World Trade Organization (WTO). Before making up your mind to shift to an entirely new place, you must know about the weather of the place and you must understand the geo-political situation as it is not an easy task for a person to suddenly adjust in a completely new environment. U.K. is a great nation with a diverse climate mostly moderate and great living conditions.

Indian Students studying Study in U.K.

Every Year a large number of Indian students chose to study at U.K. Due to limited number of seats in India and an eager to learn in an ever changing horizon with latest researches and innovations, they fly to U.K. for pursuing their dream. United Kingdom is home to world's top universitites namely Oxford and Cambridge.

Study in U.K. at a glance for Indian Students

Courses/Streams Offered MBA / B.Tech / MBBS
Course Starts September

4 years for a BTech program
2-3 years for a MBA program.

Eligibility Depends on courses but 50% Marks is a must.
Entrance Tests IELTS, GMAT, PLAB and interview to test English language.
Medium of Teaching English
Fee Structure Varies by courses
Top Universities Oxford University, Cambridge University, KCL, UCL
Recognition/Accreditation of universities in U.K. Accpeted Globally
Climate Cold and Moderate
After Study Successful Career
Application Process Apply Here

Important Note: U.K. has become the most sought after place to Study in Europe. You should know that there are thousands of students globally who apply every year for admission to Study courses in U.K. because of higher education standard and U.K. being a beautiful country. But due to limited seats admissions are done on first come first serve basis as per decision by University administration. Therefore it is always better to apply as early as possible to secure your chances of studying in U.K. and fulfil your dream of being a globally competitive professional. If you are waiting for NEET counselling for admission in India’s government medical colleges or JEE results or MBA tests such as CAT/XAT/MAT results, you can at the same time reserve your seat with us at a U.K. university. So that in case the counselling results are not in your favour, you don’t lose your precious time and continue studying in U.K.

Why Study in U.K.:-

Study College in U.K.

Eligibility criteria to Study in U.K.

  • 1. You must be 17 years old.
  • 2. You must have passed 10+2
  • 3. NEET qualification is mandatory for MBBS
  • 4. 50% marks in XII and English


  • 10th and 12th class mark sheet
  • A valid Indian passport.
  • A complete and correctly filled and signed application form of the applicant.
  • NEET qualification score card for MBBS
  • Passport size photographs

Steps for ADMISSION IN U.K. 2019-2020:

  • Fill the application form on our website and attach your documents along with the form. Make sure to fill all the details correctly so as to avoid any rejection in application.
  • After the verification of the documents, you will receive an admission letter in your name from the university. We assist in every step of your application process.
  • This letter of admission confirms your admission for the Study education in the university. Once you receive the letter, you need to deposit the tuition fee for your first year of Study. The university accepts the online deposition of fees, details of which will be sent to you over email.
  • After the fee deposit you will receive the tuition fee receipt through email.
  • Since the university demands for original documents at first, the authorities will then return you the documents needed to the visa application.
  • Now, you just need to apply for a U.K.n student visa. Obtain the VISA for U.K. with your documents and admission letter. We assist you in completing visa process very smoothly.
  • Congratulations, your admission in U.K. is confirmed and you are ready to fly for your Study dream.

What after Study in U.K.? PG options.

Not only Study, but it is always beneficial to study PG in U.K. as well.
Once you finish your Study education from U.K. you can directly apply for PG in U.K. After your Study in U.K.,
you can also pursue your PG study from USA. You can also come to India and pursue your career.

Living in U.K. for studying Study

Study in U.K. for Indian students

U.K. Food & Accomodation

U.K. provides excellent hostel accommodation for students coming from abroad. The rooms are furnished with every modern amenity. There is the provision of good hostel system with fully furnished rooms, quite study environment as well as recreation center. Dormitory rooms at hostel can accommodate 2 or 3 students in a room. There is provision of bed, mattress, pillow, blanket, desk, chair, Almira, heating water system and suitable lighting for study and relaxation, thus the students can feel at ease while staying here. After witnessing the migration of many Indian students towards Ukraine, a lot of local Indian restaurants have come up that offer luscious Indian food. Otherwise, the availability of common kitchen helps the students to cook whatever they like to. Cooking Indian food independently is the best way to enjoy it. Study in U.K..

Study in U.K.

U.K. Climate

Talking about the UK climate, The UK has a temperate climate. In general, this means that Britain gets cool, wet winters and warm, wet summers. It rarely features the extremes of heat or cold, drought or wind that are common in other climates. The weather conditions are also very changeable.

Study in U.K.

U.K. Culture

The culture of U.K. has evolved over the country's long history, providing it with a unique national culture and a strong literary tradition based on the language and alphabet. This has provided a strong sense of national identity that has helped to preserve its distinctiveness despite repeated periods of foreign occupation. Start study in U.K. today

Study in U.K.

U.K. Tourism

Tourism in U.K. is an important component of the economy of U.K. International tourism is a rapidly growing industry.

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