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Should I study MBBS in China ?

2018-07-03 03:35:09, By Education World

A report on various factors regarding studying MBBS in China by expert educationalists, scholars and experts on the matter.

Every year millions of students appear in NEET exam to grab the chance to pursue their dream of becoming a doctor. But due to very limited number of seats in Indian government colleges, only a little fraction succeeds in this endeavour. From the entire population of the students that put their hard work and perspiration, a mere 2% get through, due to the limited number of seats available.

In spite of their capability and aptitude for the profession, we see a lot of students who move to a paramedical course or end up wasting years trying to repeat the various entrance exams. In other cases, when the pocket permits or as a last resort, parents have to opt for large fee structure of private colleges.

As yet another option for these students, they choose to study for MBBS at foreign countries like Georgia, Ukraine, Russia, China, Philippines or Kazakhstan. These foreign colleges have often lower tuition fees and are recognized by various authorities as MCI & WHO.

While studying in these countries appear to be a very good alternative, it is not for all the countries. One such case is opting to study in China. If you are reading this, congrats your academic career has been saved from destruction or we can say you have saved yourself from wasting your life and money in something that has no value.

1. Education Quality: If you talk about China, though they are having a good infrastructure in terms of tall, well equipped college buildings and hostels but they lack good teachers. First thing First, Majority of Chinese do not understand basic English, so Chinese-origin teachers are not able to communicate with student well, hence resulting into low quality teaching. So many Chinese universities have employed Nepali and Indian teachers in medical colleges who have graduated from the other universities in China. We don’t say that Nepali and Indians are bad teachers but you see they themselves have graduated from China, so how you can expect quality from a teacher who is working for a low wage in China because he is not able to pass Medical Licensing exam or got a job in his home country.

2. Unnecessary Things: In China you are given admission directly to a MBBS course but in many universities in China its mandatory to pass HSK (Chinese proficiency test), without passing this exam you will not be awarded a degree.

3. Low FMGE Pass Rate: Planning to pursue MBBS in China? Think again. Reason: Indian students who go abroad for a medical degree have to clear a mandatory test on their return for doing practice here. According to the data procured from the MCI, only 18% students from Chinese colleges could clear the test. A pretty low conversion, huh?
“We get a large number of applications from Chinese MBBS graduates who want to register with us. But we can’t register them until they clear the screening test. Those found practicing without clearing the test are considered as quacks,” says Dr GS Grewal, Punjab Medical Council president.

4. Political Affairs: India-China relations in fresh turmoil. China have always thought of becoming the super-power with its socio-economic policies by extending its reign to other geographies. Recent Indo-China affairs shows the latest glimpse of Chinese activities with their gradual move into Tibet and Arunachal Pradesh. China also have always acted as a guiding father for the Pakistan and hideously supporting Pakistan’s wrong activities like terrorism through funding and military support. The tension is so high that often we get to hear about war with China and you cannot let go this one away easily.

“Lt Gen Narasimhan added that, in the meantime, India should step up her surveillance capabilities, build infrastructure in the border areas, and further develop the capabilities to handle any such incidents in the future.”

With such situations with a neighboring Nation, though we highly recommend students to NOT choose China as their next destination for higher study, we leave the very decision up to you.

It is tough for us also to think that, where in this era the focus is on globalization and with the advent of technology the boundaries are getting smaller, a nation has such wrong intents.
A group interview with a dozens of students who are presently enrolled in Chinese MBBS colleges revealed yet other troubling issues like very poor hostel facilities and not having enough medical practices due to low number of medical cases and language problems.

So, we sincerely advise our beloved students and their dear parents to think twice before trying to get admitted in China. You will only end up wasting your hard earned money and your child’s valuable time. We recommend you to explore other better opportunities like European Countries — Georgia and Ukraine.

Disclaimer: The report only indicates author’s own views after they deeply reviewed a number of cases and recent situations and interacted with a group of students from China who were on vacations.

The report has been shared with Education World.

We at Education World firmly believe that it is only fair to let the student justify their urge to be professional medical practitioners by guiding them with unbiased reviews.

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